Partnership between BTC and TREND controls Co.

On 21st of September BTC and TREND control Co. celebrate for signing the contract and invite a number of engineers and consultants
the event started with a speech of peter Robert international supporting sales manager in TREND controls, he talked about trend controls as the British company and its connection with HONEYWELL American company, its geographical spread all over the world, its history, its milestones and qualitative leaps.
Followed by brief presentation of the most important project around the world.
After that Mr. Bilal Al-Yassin started his speech talking about urban renaissance in Syria and the urge of power saving concept which become necessary nowadays around the world in consequence to increasing the demand of energy and its scarcity, which push and prompt to find a solution for energy crisis hereby the concept of BMS (building management system) which occurs for the first time and start to apply this concept for big projects
Then he talked about BTC role to provide and facilitate such kind of systems and technical support to clients through expert engineers coordinating with TREND group.
Mr. Yazdi Derwalla the middle east coordinator asserted on coordination with BTC and possibility of support clients. And continued with brief presentation about executed projects in the middle east and their locations
The event finished with thanking the gests














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