An engineering and trading company, pioneer in electrical contracting and in suppling & applying security systems, surveillance systems, Automation and control
Established with increasing of projects and urban renaissance, appealing for professional companies that work scientifically and professionally unlike nonprofessional separate suppliers and non-specialist suppliers

ADeveloped / grew up according the changing in need and requirement of potential customers in line with technical progress of equipment and systems  
Picked up the companies’ suppliers very carefully according to their need and requirement of local / domestic projects and the nature of construction development 
Picked up the companies’ suppliers very carefully according to their need and requirement of local / domestic projects and the nature of construction development 
Our experiences in this field able us to choose the best quality systems, appliance, materials and tools which are used in supplying and applying at best prices   
Our strengths are Keeping up with new technologies, expanding horizontally & vertically and spreading in the area to serve customers perfectly  
Provide the best solution to rely on high level of harmony & compatibility between systems and raise up the level of security & luxury of residence, in commercial and industrial establishments  
Seek to / looking forward build strong and long business relationship through:
-    Selecting the most convenient system with markets requirements
-    Choosing suitable appliances and skillful labor at fair prices
-    Sustainability of supplying , applying and after sales services
-    Keeping up in the world application.

BTC combine two departments
Engineering Department
Pertain with electrical contracting and contain a team of expert engineers and skillful technicians in all specialties that related to the company’s works.
This department work according to modern approach / manners of studying , managing and organizing projects, depending on engineering drawing and time table of executing  to ensure goodness in work stream that comply with the most precise standards, and cooperating between workshops of electrical works and security system to ensure finish project at the planned time.

Trading Department Supply and apply the following systems
-    Surveillance systems (analog & IP system)
-    Intrusion alarm system
-    Fire alarm systems
-    Gate & door automation
-    Tubular motor and shutter systems
-    Access control and time attendance
-    Q-systems
-    Nurse calling
-    Hotel management system
-    Cable
-    Accessories

Service and engineering

Engineering department executing electrical contracting throughout a group of expert engineers and skillful trained technicians
Work according to drawings and time tables which ensure goodness of work stream and coordinate between workshops to finish at the planned time
Studying and preparing the necessary engineering drawing for electrical works in all details ( preliminary drawing , as built drawing )


Electrical projects
-    Power network and distributing panels
-    Power cable
-    switching panels
low current
-    wiring telephone and computer networks
-    installing telephone switch board
-    wiring surveillance system and install the equipment
-    wiring fire alarm cables and install systems
-    wiring intrusion alarm wires and distribute equipment
-    wiring control network




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